You Always Get What You Pay For

Hiring someone for translation and interpretation work never comes cheap, yet the demand is ever increasing regardless of their high compensation. So, why is it that we still put such a monetary value on having humans as our translators and interpreters? After all, with all the advances in modern technology one would think that we would just use some i-phone or android app to get the job done, and sometimes we do but why so rarely?

Well the reason is quite simple; most of our human languages were invented tens of thousands of years ago yet the computer, which really is what these phones are, were only invented within the last 100 years. Also both of these human constructions have been continually developed and refined by us since their creation, not to mention that only computer scientists and engineers develop computers while all of us take part in the process of advancing our languages. This said, it is only logical to conclude that our languages must be far more advanced than even the most powerful of computers.

Now you’re probably telling yourself right now, that sure there may be a 100,000 year gap between the two, but still human language is merely a tool we use for communication while computers are tools for so much more. Well I have news for you; our languages are much more than just words, as a matter of fact they’re almost everything. Our language isn’t just spoken or written words for it is also the engine that drives our innermost thoughts, pay attention and you will realize that you are thinking right now in your own language. This is what makes human languages differ from computer languages; ours simply would not function as they should if they were binary languages. This is the core reason why you just can’t seem to make an app that comes even close to accurately translating our languages.

So the next time you think about human language realize that yours not only communicates your own ideas, knowledge of subjects, experiences in life and the like; but also the more sublime and abstract aspects of who you are, such as conveying your innermost emotions, displaying the minute intricacies within your cultural, expressing your artistic creativity, and the complexity in your humor. more