Translator in New York

translator in new york

There are nearly 600 languages spoken in New York City. From Mandarin to Spanish, this city is heavily influenced by culture and the residents that helped shape it. We proudly call this city a diverse melting pot.

Many come from all over the world to witness this unique city. However, once they arrive they may have difficulty communicating. This is due to the language barrier. Despite nearly 600 languages spoken, the most common is English. And if you are not fluent in English you have a hard time navigating the city.

Do not let a language barrier keep you from enjoying and exploring the beautiful NY metropolitan. Instead, consult a translator in New York, LNG Consulting. We would be happy to contribute your New York experience. Our professional translators will remain available during your trip to translate directions, menus, signs, and even person-to-person encounters.

It is one thing to see New York. But if you wish to experience it you must first understand the language. Get in touch with our translators upon your arrival.