Medical Translation in New York, NY

Medical Translation in New York, NY

Medical Translation In NY
Finding a professional level medical translator nowadays can be a tedious task as the job requires extreme accuracy and attention to detail. If you need a medical translator in NY, then LNG Consulting is exactly what you have been looking for. With over a decade’s worth of experience, LNG Consulting has expert and ethical linguists in over 200 languages all over the United States, ideal for any translation task such as authorized legal document translation, certified legal document translation, language consulting, and even on-site interpretation.

What is a Medical Translator?

A medical translator is a person responsible for translating medical documents into a second language. These documents can be anything such as pharmacological instructions, informational medical pamphlets, written patient data, or a physician’s diagnoses.
Medical translators are not healthcare providers and do not have any responsibilities regarding patient care or assisting healthcare professionals in diagnoses. They only serve as the written connection between a healthcare professional and a patient or even a company and healthcare professional.

Responsibilities of a Medical Translator?

Medical translators are charged with a uniquely important task. Their translation will help form a bridge between two parties that will be vital in providing accurate medical care.
This is why a medical translator needs to be fluent enough in the specified languages that they can translate elaborate medical concepts and terms as well as explain them in such a way that even a layman can comprehend them.
Furthermore, a medical translator needs to be mindful of cultural sensitivity concerns and guarantee patient-doctor confidentiality in all cases. Learn more about the responsibilities of the medical translator 
Choosing the right medical translator is a sensitive task, and this is exactly why LNG consulting is the best medical translation provider for your company. We have medical translators that are capable and professional and can fulfill all your requirements as efficiently as possible.

Why Choose our Service?

LNG Consulting is dedicated to providing the most accurate translations possible for our clients, which is a key requirement in medical translation because, for instance, a patient’s entire course of treatment could be switched depending on what the medical translator has translated. Our team consists of professional translators that can meet your deadlines and provide you coherent and precise work.

LNG Consulting offers a variety of services that will make things easier for your company, such as on-site interpretation. Our interpreters can accompany you to the base of work for your convenience and are committed to getting the job done in an effective and timely fashion.
LNG Consulting also provides interpretation over the phone and simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, allowing us to provide translation and interpretation for just about any type of job you may have.
Additional translation and interpretation services such as proofreading, language consulting, and audio transcription are also available because client satisfaction and convenience are one of our main goals.
Furthermore, we even offer sign language to extend assistance for a diversified group of people, so call us now to avail of one of the best translation services in the country.

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