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Professional Translation Agency NY

Professional Translation Agency NY in New York – 24/7 Translation Services

New York is the economic center that attracts thousands of tourists and business professionals to the city. People from different origins of the world travel to New York as a plan for their business trip. But can you imagine even in this advanced age of technology, businesses fail in New York just because of the language barrier?

LNG Consulting is an experienced translation agency in New York that has been providing exceptional services for different sectors of business, tourism, and legal contracts between national and international companies. Why choose fishy translation apps that can land you in hot water with awkward standards of translation? Instead, choose LNG Consulting.

Types of Services We Provide As The Best Translation Agency in NY

The language barrier can come anytime and anywhere during your organizational journey. LNG Consulting never wants you to feel helpless during your business journey. Our professionally trained interpreters can communicate and interpret more than 200 global languages.

Business Meetings

You have a business meeting due, but you are afraid your client doesn’t speak your language. Not to mention, you fear of losing this deal just because your client won’t be able to understand your offer. But why lose your projects when LNG Consulting professionals are here to help you? You can hire our interpreters, who will convey your message as it is to your client and then translate his thoughts to your representative with 100% accuracy and commitment.

You can’t rely on buggy mobile apps during your meetings to translate your conversation because you don’t want to scare away the business opportunities that you might have with your potential clients.

Foreign Courts – Legal Docs – Contracts

You can’t do business without proper documentation and contracts as per the local law of New York. Our interpreters will help you through the legal documentation, writing contracts in foreign languages (we support more than 200 languages), and represent in foreign courts as your interpreters to help you speed up your court process with fast and reliable communication.

Marketing is Key To Business Success If And Only If You Are Doing It In Native Language Of The Targeted Audience

We all agree about the key role of marketing in any business. What if you have launched a new business in a country that doesn’t understand your language? You need to sell, but the language barrier stops you from doing so. Then why not hire a translation service like LNG Consulting and get your sales pitch translated into the native language of your targeted locality?

Sign Language Interpretation

Special people need special attention, and you can never fail to give them this attention with our sign language expert interpreters. We have designed our translation agency in a way that it can provide its services needed anywhere no matter what.

We have more than 10,000 interpreters who are ready to serve you professionally and passionately in New York. You can’t miss opportunities just because of the language barrier.

Simply contact us, and we will be more than happy to translate for you!