Provide Quality Healthcare in the Workplace Through Translation

Each year, more people move  into the United States to become citizens or to work for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, being injured at work can and often does occur.  Some companies will provide basic health insurance and will cover some of the expenses incurred while seeking medical treatment.

Using LNG for your translation needs creates equal access to healthcare for your and/or family.   In any case, being in a country where a language is second to a person’s native language, the circumstances can be overwhelming and frightening. When language barriers exist in navigating the healthcare system, having a fluent person to assist is critical to reestablishing a healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

LNG specializes in solving communication problems where cultural and language barriers exist. Oral language translation is just one of the common services requested from customers. LNG specializes in working with individuals and families navigating the complexities of the healthcare system. Whether going to a physician to seek treatment for a common cold or complex medical issues, LNG can and will help. Finding and receiving quality medical assistance is critical to everyone and translation assistance can help establish quality relationships with  healthcare providers.

Using a professional translator allows the client to have a fluent member of the team participate equally in the process of health care. A professional translator is an equal member of the team there to support you.  In some instances, translators that are not fluent and/or asked to help translate as a favor. What tends to happen in these situations is the untrained interpreter becomes an advocate for one of the two involved pirates and this can complicate the entire dynamic.

Using LNG Consulting, translation services can help to keep lines of communication open in a friendly and professional manner. Ultimately, the translator becomes a vested member of the health care team. The translator becomes responsible for the accurate and comprehensible translation of the information which is critical to quality healthcare where mannerisms, social cues and  hidden or subtle social messages can be eliminated. Every person deserves equal access to quality healthcare and LNG is here to eliminate language barriers.

LNG can help your medical practice thanks to having over 10,000 interpreters and translators accessible 24 hours a day.  There is no language barrier they can’t remove and create a positive experience as you navigate quality health care or services. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your healthcare experience.  Contact Us Page or chatting with us.