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Why Hire LNG Consulting?
Are you looking for an experienced and affordable translate in N.Y. service? LNG Consulting is one of the leading translation and transcription agencies. We offer a range of language translation services to our valued clients based in the U.S. and across its states.
We merge Global Communications regardless of language and location with a strong commitment to consistently providing clients with professional translation services. Our qualified translators work across various industries, including legal, finance, software, medical, and marketing, etc.

LNG work with the most talented and experienced linguists, interpreters, and translators around the world. Are you looking for a professional translator in N.Y. service? Here are some reasons to choose over other companies.

Qualified Translators

Our expert translators and interpreters are carefully screened and trained before they start working with us. We always work with a qualified team. We choose base on:

  • A minimum of 5 years of translation or localization experience as a translator, editor, or linguist.
  • Having a university degree or any equivalent in professional experience.
  • Must have experience in the related fields.
  • A native speaker with fluency in the target language.
  • Any certification by a particular translation organization.

Accuracy of Translation

We are here to make your life easy and let you focus on your business. Our qualified and experienced team allows you to communicate professionally in a well-educated way with your international customers. They always keep up with most technical instructions and texts. You can engage us for any kind of translating job, no matter which field, whether medical, finance, legal, or any other documents.

Translation Speed

Obviously, translation takes time, mainly when you focus on finer points. But time is money, and especially when it comes to deadlines, you can’t deal with delays. Luckily, you have found our company, and now let our experts deal with it. They can identify your special needs without any trouble. Rest, get assured, we are at your service, and we make it possible to deliver your work well before the deadline.
You have a lot to do, from running an international business to attract potential customers, and creative translation is definitely not one of them. So let the professionals do their job!

Translation NY Cost

You can find multiple translation services out there with flat rates. But this is not the case with us. We are all-rounder translators and treat every project with full care. Cost is an important factor, especially for the new business, and so we give the best quotes base on the needs. We call ourselves an expert, and so we ensure you get the best packages. Our translators work around the clock, so we’ll get back to you shortly. Learn more about the cost of translation

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So do not wait, and get in touch with us! Whether you’re looking for financial, medical, or marketing documents to be translated, then we’re right here for you. Stop your search for the best translate in N.Y. service, and give us a call now.

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