What Are Qualifications Of A Medical Translator in New York

What Are Qualifications Of A Medical Translator in New York

The medical translator can be more helpful than you think. Medical translation services have changed our lives and now more and more people are seeking the help of the Healthcare system. If you are also looking for the qualifications of a medical translator in New York and want to know what you need to verify and confirm before hiring the one, this article will help you out with some authentic information about the qualification requirement of Medical interpreters and translators in New York. 

It will also help you in the long run if you want to start your medical translation career and want to know what you should do to become successful. 

What are the education and training requirements for the medical translator in New York?

According to The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI), a requirement that an interpreter must follow personal training as well if he wants to work as an interpreter. 

The requirements to apply for national certification as a healthcare interpreter through CCHI are:

The age criteria

The minimum criteria that make you eligible for the medical translator are that you must be 18 years old. 

Minimum Qualification

You should also have a U.S. high school diploma (or GED) or any other equivalent degree from any other country. However, remember that if you want to get yourself fired in New York as a translator, your degree must be compatible with the American standards. There are two countries in the world whose medical degrees are not acceptable in the U.S. In this situation, you have to pass a language proficiency test and other basic language skill tests to get permission to start your medical translation business in New York. 

Completion of medical interpreter and translator training

You must have completed 40 hours of medical interpreting training (academic or non-academic program). This training covers all the basic steps of medical translation services, and the person who has completed this training has detailed knowledge of all the medical terms and the overall healthcare field. 

Linguistic Proficiency Test

Possess linguistic proficiency in English, French, German, Italian, and the primary language for which you are seeking certification. 

Overall expertise

If the language in which you are going to provide services is your native language, then it will be a good plus. If you are proficient in a language, you do not necessarily need to be a native speaker. 

There are many ways in which you can show your expertise, experience, and proof of your language proficiency. 

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